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2017 Spring Wait List


Spring 2017 Wait List

Welcome to the 2017 Spring Wait List Registration Page. 

Antioch Little League has concluded its drafts and placement of players to teams. We are accepting late registrations and players will be added to our wait list. We do our best to add players to teams, if space is available. 

We will CLOSE the Wait list on February 20th with intentions to place players on teams by Saturday Feb 22nd. This way players do not miss any practices and teams can prepare for their season. There is no guarantee that we can place all players to team and if we are not able to, the player will stay on our wait list for a future date if needed. 

We will complete registration once a player is added to a team. All registrations subject to a $25 late fee. 

Note - Check the website for Registration Information for the Junior Baseball and Senior Softball. 

For More Information

For More Information please contact the following: 

Mike Honey

VP & PLAYER AGENT - Baseball

Phone: For Players age 7-14

Louise Aquino

VP & Player Agent - Softball

Phone: For Girls ages 4-16

Don Mayjoffo Jr

Director of Non Comp

Phone: For Boys and Girls ages 3-6

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